A quilt is a precious belonging whether you have stitched it yourself or it has been made for you. Whether it is a simple quilt for a bed or a wall hanging, it is valuable.

A Certificate of Valuation authenticates a quilt’s worth for insurance purposes. We have a team of qualified valuers who have completed a two-year training program. These quilters give their time and expertise voluntarily as a service provided by Victorian Quilters Inc. to further promote quilting in today’s society. You do not need to be a member to have a quilt valued.

How To Apply:   Valuation Information for Victorian Quilters

Download and complete the Application Form, along with the Instructions and return as indicated:

Quilt Valuation Application Form

Valuation sessions are generally held on the first Monday of each month.

Please check with the Coordinator, Julie Adamson: to ensure that the session is proceeding.