Grant Award


Applications for the 2017 Grant

The Grant will be awarded to an individual quilter or quilting group for an approved event or endeavour or for further study and training in the area of patchwork and quilting.

Applicants must be either a current financial individual member or member group of Victorian Quilters Inc. with a minimum of twelve months membership prior to the date of application. Belonging to a group that is a Member Group of Victorian Quilters Inc. does not entitle an individual to apply. Individual applicants must be individual members of Victorian Quilters Inc.

It is expected that the beneficiary of the award would share with fellow quilters the skills, knowledge and expertise they may gain – thereby further developing and raising the levels of skill and creativity in patchwork and quilting generally.

For more detailed information please email

Applications for the 2017 Grant will close on 15th October 2016. For further information, please download and print the forms below.

Program Outline

Applicant Requirements

Application Form 2016

Appendix 1

Grant Conditions 2015