Very Snuggly Quilts & Quilts of Love

Quilts of Love and Very Snuggly Quilts


Over the past several years, a large number of quilts have been made and donated to these worthwhile projects.

If you would like further information, please phone the Project Coordinator, Marie Lee

Tel: (03) 5982 2365; Mob: 0403 790 390

We are looking for volunteers to help with the delivery of quilts. Email to find out how you can help.

Very Snuggly Quilts

Quilts for this project are made and donated to children and teenagers at the Royal Children’s Hospital. It is hoped that these quilts will provide some extra warmth and comfort at a difficult time. A record of each quilt is kept by Victorian Quilts Inc. to allow the recipient to acknowledge the quilt-maker if they wish.

The quilts are given to long-term patients in the Oncology, Neurology, Cardiac and Cystic Fibrosis wards.

Suggested sizes for Very Snuggly Quilts

Quilts are a gift to patients, with a life threatening illness, aged between a few days old to their early twenties.

1. Baby/Toddler: Brights or Pastel fabrics

Smallest size (newborn): 24 inches by 24 inches (70cm by 70cm)

To six months: 30 inches by 30 inches (75cm by 75cm)

To one year: 36 inches by 36 inches (90cm by 90cm)

One to two years: 40 inches by 48 inches (100cm by 125cm)

2. Child 3 to 5 years: “I Spy”, animals and / or brights
                                         40 inches by 48 inches (100cm by 125 cm)

3. Child 6 to 10 years: Animals, bold colourful and bright fabrics

48 inches by 69 inches (125cm to 175cm) long

4. Older Child/Teenager: Bold colourful fabrics or plaids
48 inches to 60 inches (125 cm to 150cm) wide; & 69 inches to 79 inches (175cm to 200cm) long


All quilts should have a pieced top, MUST contain wadding and should not use polar fleece as a backing in lieu of wadding. The fabric used as backing may be pieced, but remember that this should be appropriate to the pieced top (eg: big pink flower fabric should not be used as backing on a quilt for a teenage boy).


  • Flannel fabrics or Chenille
  • Buttons or embellishments
  • Labels. It is the hospital policy that all quilts are given anonymously.

Is the quilt you are donating to this program suitable? If you would be happy for a child in your family to receive this quilt as a gift, then yes it is suitable.

All gift quilts, to any organization, should be of a standard that we would be happy to receive as a gift.


Need further information? Contact

Marie Lee

PO Box 2203, Rosebud Plaza VIC 3939

Telephone: 03 5982 2365 Mobile: 0403 790 390