Showcase 2022 entries  URGENTLY REQUIRED, the entry period has been extended until the 23rd May.

Please note, you MUST be logged in AND be a Current (2022) Financial Member to view and use the entry form. Students and Sponsored Entries require only a BASIC registration, which is Free. Please see the specific section on the Join Us Page HERE to complete the BASIC registration.

A message from the President

Victorian Quilters Inc. thank the Geelong Patchwork & Quilters Guild for hosting the Autumn Gathering on Saturday 21 May 2022.  Have you considered joining the Geelong Guild?  This is an opportunity to meet Members  and join the Guild. 

Thank you to Heights Sewing Centre, Yazzi, Serenity Glen Patchworx, Naked Sheep, Chrissie’s Timeless Treasures & Leslie Edwards, for bringing their shops. 

It is preferred that you pre-purchase your ticket. Please Click Here to purchase.

Quilt Showcase 2022 Entries

The closing date for entries has been extended to 23 May 2022. 
This is our first Quilt Exhibition since 2019.  We are looking forward to being able to see your quilts on Exhibition.   Click here to lodge your entry.  Remember you must login to access the entry form.  Member Groups you may sponsor up to three amateur members, (who have not previously had a quilt at Showcase) to enter a quilt. If you are being sponsored by a member group, Click here to register and complete your entry.  In lieu of a membership number please enter the name of the group that is sponsoring you.

Quilt Showcase 2022 White Glove Duty

As part of Showcase, we ask members who have entered a quilt to volunteer for white glove duty.
Click here to complete the form.

Have you renewed your membership?

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Raffle Quilt Showcase 2022

Amethyst Star

Would you like the opportunity to purchase a book of 5 raffle tickets for this beautiful quilt which will be drawn at Showcase 2022?
Please Click Here to complete the request form if you are not a member or haven’t received your book yet.

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