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The events listed below are open for entries, keep checking back as it is frequently updated.

If you know of any competition or exhibition which other quilters may be interested in entering, please complete the form here.

It is recommended that you contact the quilting Guild in your area, as they may have Exhibitions that are open to members.

Pattern for quilt hanging sleeve

Pattern for quilt bag


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Victorian Quilters Showcase

15th May 2022

Dare to Differ

16th June 2022

Quilt NSW Exhibition NSW

6th – 30th June 2022

Fibre Arts Australia International Art Textile Biennale

17th July 2022

One Step Further

31st August 2022

Australian Quilts in Public Places

2023 T.B.A.

The Wagga Project

2023 T.B.A.

Golden Textures Contemporary Art Quilt Exhibition

2023 T.B.A.

The New Quilt

2023 T.B.A.

Art Quilt Australia / Wool Quilt Prize

2023 T.B.A.

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