Victorian Quilters Inc. COVID-19 Policy


In view of the COVID pandemic the committee has considered how future events may be held to ensure the health and safety of our members and visitors.  While the Victorian Government will change some requirements from time to time, the committee recommends that the following policy be followed for the foreseeable future.

  • Fitted face masks will be worn.
  • Greetings to be cordial but do not include hugs etc.
  • BYO mug, lunch and snacks. (No shared food).
  • Tea & coffee will be provided in individually packed sachets and disposable stirrers provided.
  • It may be necessary to pre-book & pay prior to attending and event, as the number of people attending each venue may change from time to time. The venue will determine the number attending as restricted by the government at the time of the event.  When the number able to attend the event is reached, the booking site will close.
  • Social distancing recommendations will be followed (as determined from time to time).
  • You will be required to provide your name & telephone contact number, time of arrival and departure. It is suggested that you bring your own pen.
  • It is preferred that any payments be made via card rather than cash.

Until a vaccine for COVID-19 is readily available, and all restrictions have been lifted, we feel that following these guidelines will assist in keeping everyone safe and well.  It goes without saying we will miss the wonderful morning & afternoon teas as well as the hugs on arrival and departure.

Marie Lee


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