Committee Members

There are approx. 6 committee meetings a year which are now held via zoom, so there is no travelling.

As a committee member it is expected that you will be able to attend and assist at Victorian Quilters Inc. events, including Quilt Showcase, Australasian Quilt Convention, Gatherings and represent Victorian Quilters Inc. at events being held by our member groups.

Appraisal Co-ordinator

This is an administrative role and you will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the hall for the appraisal session is These sessions are held in Surrey Hills.
  • Receiving and recording requests for quilt appraisals.
  • Confirming the date & time of the appraisal with the person requesting the quilt appraisal.
  • Ensuring that volunteer appraisers are available for the appraisal session
  • Preparing the documentation following the appraisal session.
  • The quilts are to be dropped at the venue on the morning of the appraisal and collected after the appraisal session.

Showcase Assistance


Wednesday 12 July to Saturday 15 July

Assistance with set up of the Quilt Show

Monday 10th July 2pm to 5pm (approx.)
Tuesday 11 July 7am to 5pm.

Assistance to take down the Quilt Show

Saturday 15th July 4pm to 6.00pm (approx.)

Quilt Collectors
  • Accept quilts for exhibit at Quilt Showcase between 26 June – 3 July.
  • Collection of Quilts by members 20 July to 30 July.
  • Available to drop off the quilts & assist with quilt set up at the Exhibition Centre, Melbourne at 7am on Tuesday 11th July 2022.
  • Available to assist with quilt take down on  4pm Saturday 15th July. At the completion of take down, quilts will be returned to the quilt collectors.
Preparation of Power Point Presentation

Prepare Power Point presentation prior to judging, including the sponsorship details.

On judging day, insert details of winning quilt, including photograph that was submitted with the entry.

Have a practise run through prior to the presentation to ensure that the projector is working.

At the Award ceremony conduct Power Point presentation.

Social Media Facebook and Instagram

Attend showcase each day, take photographs of members with their entries, post on social media, acknowledge and promote the sponsors.

It is envisaged that this person will promote the Exhibition and our sponsors both before and after the exhibition.


There are a number of opportunities available in this team, including on judging day, including the preparation and printing of Certificates, checking the categories and that the prizes are correct.

There will be some work in the lead up to the Exhibition and you will be required at the Exhibition centre from 9am to 6pm on Wednesday 12 July.

Complete the list of category winners & forward this to the website administrator and the social media coordinator.

Your assistance may be required at the Award presentation.

If you would like further information or are able to assist, please email


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