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Due to the COVID pandemic, we continue to face restrictions from time to time which sometimes results in events being postponed or cancelled. Please check with the organisers that the advertised event is proceeding.

If you would like your event to be included in the event calendar on the website and in the diary dates in the Vic Quilter magazine, click here to Register the Event.  The event will be included on the website & in the diary dates listed in the magazine after this form is submitted.  If a ¼ page advertisement is requested to be published in the magazine, an email will be generated to the editor.  This email will include the flyer that you attached to your Event Registration.

When registering your event include as much detail as possible.  We can include the following details in the Event Calendar.

  • Date & Time of event
  • Entry Fee
  • Address of Venue with a map showing venue location
  • Guest Speaker
  • Shops in attendance – there will have a link to the websites of these shops.
  • Link to purchase tickets
  • Link to Member Group Website
  • Contact name & phone number.

Please use the Contact Us page to advise of any changes to a listed event.

Click here to access the Events page. 

For each event the read more section provides further details about the event, including Guest Speaker, shops in attendance etc.

For details regarding Quilt Showcase 2021 click here.




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