One Step Further 2020 Winning Quilts


Summer Inferno #4 by Sandra Champion
Sponsored By Brother Australia

Artist Statement:
The bushfires in Australia last summer were a catastrophy. The landscape was left blackened, and only piles of currugated roofing and rubble remained where homes once stood.

To view a close-up of Summer Inferno #4 Click Here

2nd Prize

Abandonment #4 by Sue Reid
Sponsored By Hillside Quilting

Artist Statement:
An old factory, abandoned, fallen into disuse and disrepair. A relic from an industrial past, once employing many, including children, playing a huge part in people’s lives. The sight of an old building can be both haunting and intriguing, producing memories of times past.

To view a close-up of Abandonment #4 Click Here

Highly Commended

Hundertwasser Print by Sue Reid

Artist Statement:
The style of an artist is as unique as his finger print. Friedensreich Hundertwasser was a visionary artist who rebelled against conventional techniques and style. He rejected straight lines, and used organic forms and bright colours in his work. A very unique individual.

To view a close-up of Hundertwasser Print Click Here

Highly Commended

Adventure Journal #8: Temple Courtyard by Judy Hooworth

Artist Statement:

Travel excites and inspires me…juxtaposing colours, patterns and textures from my journeys… building layers of memory…

To view a close-up of Adventure Journal #8: Temple Courtyard Click Here

Judges Commendation

Tracks by Judy Robinson Whitty

Artist Statement:
All living creatures make their tracks upon the earth, whether walking, flying or swimming these tracks eventually resurface as fossils alongside the imprints of plant life.

To view a close-up of Tracks Click Here

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